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Best Marathon Ever

How to Run Your Best Half-Marathon Ever

Here is a great infographic from Greatist. Whether if you are starting out or a seasoned veteran on the trails, roads, and track, marathons and half-marathons can ¬†be¬†gruelling. It’s all in the preparation. If you want to succeed and put up a good time for the half-marathon, you have to prepare! Whether it’s focusing on […]

[Infographic] Spice things up with this Treadmill Interval Workout

Have you been hitting the treadmill recently? The weather is bland, and sometimes just doing the same thing on the treadmill can be bland too. If you forget your headphones, iPod/MP3 player, and you don’t find something outside of our windows in front of our treadmills very exciting, then you can choose to spice up […]

How Working Out Can Make You Smarter

Does a fitter body result in a fitter brain? Here is an interesting infographic about fitness and how it can help you become smarter. Exercise has a lot of health benefits and the fact that you can stimulate brain activity. So exercising keeps you sharp, helps you become more efficient, and even help you receive […]

5 Ways You Can Make Working Out More Fun

Working out doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be a way to really reduce stress, get more sleep, feel and look better. Sometimes people take the gym too seriously or put their fitness goals too high and the gym doesn’t turn into a way to escape from work and other things to work […]


[Video] How Bad Do You Want to be Successful?

How bad do you want to be successful? Motivation is what keeps us going. It’s the fire inside that keeps you persistant with reaching your goals, and then surpassing them. There is a lot of similarities with motivation and being successful, whether it’s through your personal goals, goals in business, or reaching a successful fitness […]