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Best Marathon Ever

How to Run Your Best Half-Marathon Ever

Here is a great infographic from Greatist. Whether if you are starting out or a seasoned veteran on the trails, roads, and track, marathons and half-marathons can ¬†be¬†gruelling. It’s all in the preparation. If you want to succeed and put up a good time for the half-marathon, you have to prepare! Whether it’s focusing on […]

How to choose running shoes

How to Choose Running Shoes

How to choose running shoes Choosing the right running shoes are very important! They provide stability, support for your feet and ankles and can help you prevent running injuries. So for you that are going to go out and it the rails or track, you might need to use different shoes for that. This infographic […]

7 Great Places to Run in Hamilton

Hamilton is a beautiful city. With gorgeous waterfalls, long trails, paved paths and a nice waterfront, it makes for running bliss. Hamilton Bayfront The Hamilton Bayfront has a lot of different elevations and connects to different paths too, so if you want to head from the bayfront to princess point or westdale, you can just […]